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Return of the Queen is a celebration of sisterhood and ritual.

There is an undeniable energy afoot when women come together. Breakthroughs and transformations occur; individuals find center; the collective gets lifted; and the effects of our efforts spill out into our everyday lives, benefiting our partners, friends, families and communities.

Return of the Queen is the result of many years spent on the mat, in prayer, and sitting in women's circles. Dreamed up and led by Alison Sinatra—a teacher who has been guiding women back into their bodies for nearly 20 years—Return of the Queen is an intersection of wisdom traditions, embodiment practices, intuition honing and a belief in the power and potential of women.

The work is beautiful, deep, hilarious, healing, restorative, ridiculously fun, inspiring and #almosttoosacred.


Your crown has been bought and paid for. Put it on your head and wear it. ~ Maya Angelou

photo by Inna Shnayder