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All Our Sacred Sisters

Alison Sinatra led her first women’s-only yoga retreat back in 2002, a low-key ladies weekend she thought would resonate with her students and friends. Fifteen years later, these retreats had become the cornerstone of her offerings. Cult-y in a good way—wait-list only, transformations happening, prayers answered, etc—and bursting at the seams with women eager to bring their friends, moms, and daughters, it was clear that the Goddess Retreats needed a bigger home.

We formed All Our Sacred Sisters to help realize the dream of a larger gathering, one that pulled in multiple threads from diverse spiritual practices, could hold up to 50 women, and allowed other teachers to share their work. 

Return of the Queen, now in its third year, was born. A long weekend of movement, ritual, and prayer, it’s the first of many offerings we have in the works. (Don’t worry, men, we haven’t forgotten you.) Our intention is to bring the positive effects of our work together back to our homes, families, and communities and to create more compassion in the world—for ourselves and others.


photo by Inna Shnayder